Targeted Case Management

The Targeted Case Management (TCM) program at CPSFL provides key wraparound services that focus on the internal strength of the family unit. Utilizing a team approach to providing unconditional care to children and families with serious mental and behavioral health concerns, the program delivers a highly individualized, strength-based, and needs-driven plan of access to services.
Certified TCM professionals will assess a family’s needs and then collaborate with each member as they work towards self-identified goals. We offer coordination of services, linkage to community resources, engagement of natural support systems, crisis support, and incidental funding for expenses necessary to increase a family's quality of life and stability. Clients are successful in attaining the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to advocate for themselves going forward. This commitment-driven process works because the family’s voice is consistently taken into account with every family choice.

Our TCM wraparound services utilize the High Fidelity Wraparound process, which is nationally recognized, structured, team-based, and collaborative. This evidence-based approach focuses on the internal strength of the family and promotes self-advocacy via:

  • Improved engagement with more family investment
  • Improved self-efficacy as families do more for themselves
  • Improved social support network within the community
  • Improved integration as teams work smarter towards a common goal
  • Improved family strength as members ensure their ability to meet their own needs

Palm Beach County families experiencing serious mental and behavioral health concerns are invited to apply to see if they qualify for the TCM program.

Submit a referral by clicking or email the director at or call 561.841.3500 ext. 1059