Housing Services

The housing services program area partners with clients who are seeking to reach long term financial stability and self-sustainability. A home is more than just the concrete, stucco, and tile that go into it. A home is a place to raise a family, be part of a community, and to build wealth.

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We bring several important strengths including programs to enhance financial capabilities, a pathway to homeownership, and options for affordable rental and supportive housing

  • Individualized counseling to improve and maintain good credit scores
  • Financial coaching to resolve credit issues and develop/manage a budget 
  • Monthly educational classes to make good decisions (English, Creole, and Spanish) 
  • Educational and career assistance for success and economic independence 
  • Year-round, free tax prep for qualified clients 
  • Help with navigation of the Florida assistance program
  • No-cost financial literacy course

The value: Our programs provide a pathway to independent living, long term financial stability and asset building.

  • Initial, free consultation visit to explore your possibilities
  • Individualized housing counseling sessions
  • Homebuyer education classes
  • Matched-savings for first-time homebuyers 
  • Assistance with closing costs and/or down payments 
  • Access to residential mortgages

The value: Our advisors assist first-time homebuyers to make wise decisions and gain financial confidence.

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  • Roommate matching
  • Local landlord partnerships
  • Case management
  • Home visits
  • Temporary financial assistance
  • Education regarding tenant rights/responsibilities

The value: We help families secure safe, affordable living options in the midst of Palm Beach County’s housing crisis.