Community Services

Our programs are rooted in our skill for identifying the strengths and talents that already exist within neighborhoods. We listen to residents as they tell us what’s needed to maximize success in their communities. We identify and facilitate a neighborhood’s own capacity to serve its residents and local youth.

We bring a community-networking concept.
The value: Services are coordinated in ways that reduce the duplication of efforts and maximize neighborhood resources.
We bring time-tested, teachable skills that engage and empower residents.
The value: Local families learn about community resources so more children are born healthy, remain free from abuse and neglect, are ready for kindergarten, and are on grade level by the end of third grade.
We bring the ability to identify and build new community partnerships and enhance existing ones.
The value: Businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and civic/religious groups join resources to strengthen neighborhoods.

Community Partners of South Florida has expertise in providing client services in these key areas: